ruby: notes & material

back to…amberhometable of contentsfwd to…part 2 intromy work is about setting the record straight. To give voice to those who were harmed by Franklin Veaux and center the people who have been erased in and by his stories. And I have a loose end to tie up. One voice we know is missing from this time is that of the …

amber: notes & material

“I felt like I was holding both of our lives together, and I would sit and cry in my car over my lunch break.”

amber’s #metoo story with franklin veaux

back to…Celeste: Notes & materialhometable of contentsfwd to…amber: notes & materialThis testimony has been moved to a new page at the survivors’ own site, where 10 testimonies are now available.   “What follows is Amber’s story in her own words, as written to me between March and July 2018, in an email correspondence that took place as she supported me through …

celeste: notes & material

Celeste’s audio testimony, supported by her LiveJournal entries and by witnesses, portray Celeste as a person who was deeply in love with Veaux, accommodating almost to a fault, and who maintained their lives together so that Veaux could spend his evenings developing other relationships, not to mention the online brand which he still benefits from today.

celeste’s #metoo story with franklin veaux

“I did everything that I could to to keep us happy. You know, as much as I could do with working my eight hours there, thirty-six-hour work week and then taking care of him in the evenings. And you know when he would just want to come home and eat dinner and then go up into his computer room and do whatever it was he wanted. You know? And that’s all he wanted to do.”

elaine: notes & material

“But I really feel it was Franklin that ended it because he wasn’t calling me and I’d call her crying and she got sick of me calling her crying…So that’s what the veto was. It was her calling. Enough, enough. And that’s how it went down.”

part 1: voices from ‘The Game Changer’

‘The Game Changer’ provides an official basis of comparison to his writings at the time and more importantly the ability to compare his version of events to those of his ex-partners who were featured in the book. Three of the four partners whose stories were described by Veaux in his memoir, had also signed up to LiveJournal and traces of their confusion, hurt and unhappiness still linger on the Wayback Machine.