Her Stories

this site hosts my research and analysis in support of the testimonies of the women who have experienced harm or harmful behaviours at the hands of Franklin Veaux.

To me, the material makes most sense in the order I've listed, but if you choose to dot about the site, I've posted links back and forth so you can find your way around. The stories do refer back to one another––so if you choose to skip ahead, you may also be skipping relevant and useful material.

About the Author

Louisa Leontiades

Immersive journalist, award-winning author & storyteller identifying as a cis-white, grey-asexual, relationship-fluid woman. Compulsory monogamy is not a safe space for me and I cannot exist in it. Asexuality, or grey-ace, is a label that suits me and helps me live a happier life. Luckily my psychological make-up seems to agree. Pronouns, she/her. Inform yourself about my subjective bias and other updates on my personal website: Louisa Leontiades

Art by Tikva Wolf